Using the LeaseMatrix Templating tool, users can create templates for late use to auto-fill fields in future lease analyses.

There are several ways to create a Lease Analysis Template.

Create a Template from an existing property

  1. Select the Property you would like to create a new template
  2. Click "Create Template" in the lower righthand corner of footer menu
  3. Revise the fields as needed and click "Save"

Starting from scratch

  1. Select the "Template Library" section listed on the lefthand side Admin Panel
  2. Click the blue "Create Template" button in the upper righthand corner
  3. Complete the fields which you would like to be able automatically fill in on later analyses and click "Save".

Using the template you just created Now that you have a template saved, here's how to use it. Add a new property, as you normally would. Then, on the first step, select the template you would like to use: